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Today’s consumers are taking a more active role in their healthcare. Hence, we spend as much time understanding attitudes and behaviors of consumers as we do understanding needs and preferences of physicians.

We believe that data available to the healthcare industry through internal as well as external data sources can be used as a decision support tool for many strategic and tactical decisions. Some ways in which the data can be used are:

Market sizing through population based forecasting
Assessing market expansion opportunities – understanding the success of patient education and compliance programs, analysis of switch potential
Patient segmentation and profiling to identify new market opportunities
Competitive assessment based on consumer evaluations

We offer design and analytical services that can address all such issues. Our experience in this industry includes design and analysis of Clinical trial tests, Direct-To-Consumer Research, sales trend analysis, return on investment analysis, value of the patient modeling and early warning trend break detection system modeling.

Our other services include:

Titration analysis
Physician referral analysis
Brand switching analysis
Test/Control analysis
Managed care data analysis


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