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BS stats group which provides Statistics help, Statistics Modelling,Marketing Mix, Statistics Dissertation, Statistical Consulting,Predictive Modelling, Consulting operates in various countries,provides services to students, market research, and more. We are dedicated 24/7 to our customers.

BS stats group is a Statistical consulting company operated by a group of Statisticians who provide consulting in various areas like Statistics help, Statistics Modelling, Marketing Mix, Statistics Dissertation, Statistical Consulting, Predictive Modelling Market Research, SAS programming, and student help with homewor thesis and dissertation.

BS stats group has expertise in a variety of advanced statistical and marketing techniques like Marketing Mix modeling, Discrete Choice modeling, Optimization, Forecasting, Regression,Segmentation, etc.. We have experience in many industries such as retail, manufacturing, academic, pharmaceutical, financial,services, etc.

In addition, BS stats group has experience in Web analytics, and big data analytics. At BS stats we pride ourselves in efficiency,hard work and attention to detail from helping students solve homework problems to helping companies make informed decisions.

We offer our services to Market Research agencies as well as to Market Research departments of organizations, and Consulting companies.

To Market Research agencies, we provide Marketing Science support that can match the best in the world. Our team has several years of market research experience with leading agencies around the world.

Some common services we offer are:
Concept Screening
Concept Optimization
Product Optimization
Brand Image Analysis
Data Integration
Data Mining
Marketing Mix
Predictive Modeling
Price Sensitivity
Web Traffic Analysis

We also act as an outsourcing support to Market research departments and Consulting Companies, undertaking any of the following services:
Act as an extended arm of the Marketing / Market Research department
Write market research RFPs
Invite and evaluate proposals from Market Research agencies
Recommend the best agency for the task
Analyze internal or Syndicated research data
Integrate data from various sources

Products and Services:
Conjoint Plus
Loyalty Modeling
Credit Risk Analysis
Life Time Value
Predictive Modeling
Price Sensitivity
Discriminant PLUS

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