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With the increasing data and content over the web, it’s getting extremely difficult to list billion pages at one go. Therefore, Google launched another way for processing data known as MapReduce. A year after Google distributed their white paper portraying the MapReduce, Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella. With the help of this whitepaper, Hadoop was invented to apply these ideas to an open-source programming structure.
Hadoop is Framework for distributed processing of big data stored across clusters of computers. It is a scalable eco system from a single server to thousands of machines. Hadoop provides high availability for Applications. HDFS is a file system in Hadoop that provides high-throughput access to application data.
Applications built-in with Hadoop can definitely motivate businesses and data scientists to leverage in-house data sets.

Why Hadoop
Distributed storage & Computational capabilities
Optimized for high throughput
Tolerant of software and hardware failure
Allows paralleled work over a large amount of data
Focus on addressing business needs

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